Art by Connie
Paintings, Prints and Mosaics by Constance Ehrlich
Etchings, Monoprints, and Mosaics by Constance Ehrlich

"The thing made by hand has the signature of the living spirit." -Henry Bestos      

"Not a Mean Monster"    solar plate etching       7" x 5"

About Me

“The Stimmung (essential spirit) of nature can be imparted by every art, not, however, by imitation, but by the artistic divination of its inner spirit.”

Wassily Kandinsky- Concerning
the Spiritual in Art

I graduated In 1993 from the University of Kansas with a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in painting.   SInce graduation, I have remained in Lawrence as a full- time artist.  I have exhibited my work nationally- including Santa Fe, Chicago, Savannah, and Kansas City.

Work Available at the following Galleries
Naked Art Gallery
3831 Clairmont
Birmingham, AL 35222

Emporia Arts Council Gift Shop
815 Commercial
Emporia, KS 66801

If you would like to purchase an item from this website, email Please include the title of the work that interests you.  I take personal checks, paypal, and credit card payments.  Thanks.

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